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Consider the times we’re living in: A world full of deadly boogers.

“Deadly boogers” are those silly, irrational absurdities that bug, bother, frustrate or maybe even terrify us. As a Happier Life Coach, I’m fascinated by the things people let ruin their day. A broken nail, a dent in the bumper, a grumpy look from a stranger. It boggles my mind, sometimes, that we can let little things bring us down.

Maybe the point is to feel weird, for now.

It’s time to get uncomfortable in the direction we want to go.

While we’re shut down, let’s see this time not as a calamity, but as an OPPORTUNITY: The chance to put Humpty Dumpty together again in better ways. Sustainable ways. Ways that build and unite us rather than divide and demoralize us. If things feel weird, now is a good time to look at our toolbox and find better tools. It’s time to replace bickering and lambasting with listening and problem-solving. Let’s replace posturing and competition with kindness and cooperation. Let’s learn how to compromise and and use our ingenuity for the common good. And never, ever underestimate the power of simple kindness.

We will bounce back from this

But we’re going to bounce back different. Different good or different bad? Well, that’s up to us! Great things happen all at once. Let’s bounce back BETTER than we were before, as individuals, as a society, as world citizens. Let’s learn to celebrate this life. Celebrate each other. Explore the goodness this world and we ourselves have to offer. Future generations will absolutely look back on this time — our time — and talk about it. I hope it is because we used this time to bless their lives, and our own, with a better world. Coronaworld doesn’t have to be bad, it can be wonderful. We can make it so.

Happiness isn’t just an emotion — it’s a way of life. Join me at

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